Who is wayne rooney dating


A couple of weeks on Love Island doesn't stop the islanders indulging in intimate play before bed.

Check out this gallery on all the sex scenes performed so far Both Josh and Jen have never been the settling down type.

The tweeter, named simply ‘J’, quoted Rooney’s tweet and suggested the England international did not have any GCSEs, to which he responded: Rooney certainly wasn’t your average 16-year-old, having already made his Everton breakthrough at that stage as he embarked on a career to become one of the finest players in Europe over much of the last decade.

Not bad for someone who didn’t stay in school – wonder if he regrets it?

The model, who once dated Cristiano Ronaldo and offered her virginity for one million Euro, added: 'We are both very busy and very young. I, like him, dream of a family.', who hit the big time after appearing in Italy's Big Brother, also described the first time she had met Balotelli and said: 'It was in the Lotus club in Milan. Mario is so generous - it is one of his endowments.He sends me flowers with little notes and he does so much for others.'How d’you fancy having dinner with Wayne Rooney tonight?Meanwhile, Jenny previously revealed how she had slept with Rooney seven times while his wife Coleen was pregnant with their second child.In fact, she even enjoyed a threesome with the footie-ace and former Big Brother star Helen Wood.‘If you take out the big two, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, he has had as good a career as anybody in the world over the last decade,’ Collymore wrote in his ‘You don’t break Sir Bobby Charlton’s England or Manchester United’s goal records without being something very special,’ he added.

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